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At Social AF one of our core services is moderating organic content for charities.  Our team of expert moderators responds to questions, tackles any difficult or inappropriate comments, provides appropriate signposting and increases engagement with supporters.

Content moderation is critical to protecting your brand reputation and building positive relationships with the public. In this blog, we’ll take a look at why that is.

Risks of harmful content

One of the most basic reasons charities moderate their content is to minimise reputational risks. These risks might come as posts or comments from the public that are harmful, inappropriate, contain misinformation or misunderstanding. Content like this that’s left unchecked can be hugely harmful. Whether it’s scam posts that other supporters fall victim to or debates about your CEO’s pay, all of these could damage the trust in your organisation if not dealt with swiftly. 

Identify and escalate major issues

Social media provides an invaluable way of keeping your finger on the pulse of public opinion. By actively moderating your content, you’ll spot quickly if there is a major concern or problem which needs addressing. This might be something simple like your website is down, or it could be more complex, like your marketing campaign has landed badly with the public.

Charities that use social media should be aware of their legal and ethical responsibilities. Last autumn, the Government issued new guidance on how charities should approach how they use social media, which made specific reference to moderating content and how you engage with the public. You can read more about the new guidance here:

Make sure you’re confident and up to speed with any new regulations on using social media.

Make a great first impression

For many charities social media is a fantastic way to raise awareness about your cause. Quickly and positively responding to interactions helps create a great first impression about the values and ethos of your charity to anyone scrolling by.

Positive engagement with supporters and the wider public

Interaction on social media is just as important as emails, phone calls and face to face meetings with supporters. You could argue it’s even more important, considering you’ve essentially got a live audience to your communication. 

Positively engagement on social media is a great way to amplify impact and capitalise on opportunities for outreach, engagement and fundraising. Research collated by Empower found that over half of people who engage with charities on social media end up taking some sort of action, and nearly two thirds of that action is making a donation.

Build trust with content moderation

Content moderation can empower charities to shape the narrative surrounding their cause. You can enhance your charity’s reputation and build trust with the public by being seen to be transparent in how you address and answer questions. Ultimately, it shows your supporters and the wider public that you genuinely care and will invest the time in responding to them.  

Moderation specialists can help save time

As well as being an excellent tool to respond quickly to any queries, having answers to people’s questions publicly visible on your posts acts as a handy FAQ for others who may be visiting your post to ask a similar question, saving you time in the process. 

Having a clear and robust plan on how to moderate your social media is critical to ensure you’re minimising risks while harnessing its full potential to enhance your reputation and engagement with the public.

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If you’d like to read Empower’s full article on social media giving you can find it here  👉 

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