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Title: Signposting on Social Media

Signposting on Social Media

It’s common for our social media moderators to encounter members of the public who are in distress and unsure where to seek help. Appropriate signposting is a crucial aspect of [...]
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Robot in conversation with human in front of presentation. Styled in bright colours and displaying blog title: Artificial Intelligence or Fake AF?

Artificially Intelligent? Or Fake AF?

In recent weeks Social AF has been involved in an increasing number of conversations around charities using AI to help with moderation. These conversations have focused on one of two [...]
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Working at Social AF

Working at Social AF

Social AF was launched in 2020. The agency has seen rapid growth year after year, and with it, we’ve had the pleasure of working with an ever-expanding team. As of [...]
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What is social media moderation?

Social media moderation is the art of effectively managing online communications between the public and your organisation. You might also hear people call it community management, virtual event management, content [...]
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