The benefits of outsourcing Facebook Challenge group moderation

Social AF has moderated over 100 Facebook Challenges, supporting some of the biggest household name charities to raise over £12.1million and counting 🙌

For our charity partners, outsourcing the moderation of their Facebook Challenge groups has proven to be a game-changer, allowing them to focus on what matters most while ensuring their challenges thrive. 

So what are the benefits of outsourcing your Facebook Challenges moderation?

Free up internal capacity 

If you’re doing it properly, Facebook Challenge groups can be hugely resource-intensive to moderate. As well as being reactive to questions, technical issues and participants’ posts, you should also be proactively working to increase registration conversions and drive up engagement. It’s no surprise the Stroke Association team estimated they saved between two and seven hours a day by outsourcing the moderation of their Challenge groups to Social AF.

At Social AF, we aim to be an extension of your team and work diligently to become the perfect reflection of your charity.

Freedom to focus on the bigger picture

For many charities, freeing up their time also gave them the freedom to focus on other ways they could enhance and improve the results of their Facebook Challenges. Emily Higgins, the New Product Development Manager at Stroke Association explained how outsourcing their group moderation helped them to grow their overall challenge programme:

“Because of the saved time, I’ve been able to step back from being ‘in the thick’ of each individual challenge to focus on creating a strategy for our Facebook challenge programme as a whole – researching new propositions, putting together a testing strategy and streamlining the overall process. It has allowed the breathing space to move away from reactive planning to be more considered and big picture planning.”

Emily Higgins, New Product Development Manager at Stroke Association

Round-the-clock coverage 

Social media doesn’t stop when you leave the office or log off for the weekend. In a connected world where comments, interactions and potential issues can emerge at any hour, having moderation support that is on hand to swiftly respond and help to maintain a positive and safe space for your participants is essential. For Facebook Challenges, taking too long to respond to someone who is struggling to set up their fundraising page can cost your charity donations, or leaving a spiralling conflict between participants can hurt your reputation. That’s why Social AF moderates for our charity partners between 9 am and 9 pm, seven days a week.  

External expertise

A principle we’re committed to at Social AF is that all of our moderators are fundraising or comms professionals with a minimum of three years of experience. That means they have invaluable expertise that can support you to make your challenge a success. For example, they might have some great fundraising ideas in the lead-up to Christmas, or they’re quick to spot a potentially escalating situation – whatever it is, you can trust that your challenge is in safe hands.  

A never-ending team 

In any organisation, issues such as staff sickness or annual leave can often derail work when it comes to moderation. It can leave teams caught out and needing to train someone up as cover or leave moderation neglected entirely.

At Social AF, we dedicate three group moderators to your Challenge who will build relationships and maintain a positive and safe group environment. If for any reason a moderator is unexpectedly available, we have at least two more who know your group and can step in. 

Improved results

Social AF is a results-driven organisation; we work with our charity partners to maximise fundraiser activation, increase average fundraiser values and drive up engagement, which research demonstrates increases income.

Investing in us pays off. On average our clients have seen:

We increased Refuge’s engagement by 100% and Prostate Cancer Research saw their average fundraiser value increase by £89.44 after working with Social AF. 

Improved experience for participants

If you’ve been moderating in-house, chances are you moderate your groups alongside plenty of other tasks and it can be difficult to focus on participant experience when things get busy. Our moderators build – and become part of – the community in the groups they moderate, getting to know the participants individually, responding to every post and creating an amazing culture. Day after day our moderators get feedback like this:

“Each and every one of you on the admin team are doing an amazing job at supporting and encouraging everyone in the group and the challenge.”

Participant of 10,000 Steps a Day for Mind Charity

More than moderation

By outsourcing your moderation to Social AF, you’ll have so much more than moderation support. We create (and post) an engaging content plan to cover every day of the recruitment and challenge phase of the group, driving up engagement and enhancing your outcomes. We also work on GivePanel to amend registrations and solve problems to save you time and resources.

Social AF see ourselves as an extension of your team; we’ll be meeting with you each week to give you our finger on the pulse on how the challenge is going and recommend anything that might further enhance your results.

If you’d like to find out more about how we can help you with your Facebook Challenge moderation, get in touch! You can click on the Contact Us button in the top right, or you can email me directly at

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