What is social media moderation?

Social media moderation is the art of effectively managing online communications between the public and your organisation. You might also hear people call it community management, virtual event management, content moderation, social media engagement or reputation management.

When done well, it brings people closer to your cause, improves the performance of your campaign or event, secures donations, helps signpost those in need to the right services faster and can enhance your reputation. When done poorly, it can lead to distrust, poor engagement, lost income and leave people feeling devalued as a supporter.

For some charities, managing your social media platforms can feel like a daunting task – particularly if internal resources are limited.

How to make moderation work for you

Have a holistic approach to moderation. Wherever you’re communicating with your current or potential supporters, you need to ensure you bring the same level of commitment and enthusiasm. For example, if you have a moderation plan in place for a Facebook challenge group, but you’re ignoring the ads, you’re missing out on potential conversions. Consider where your supporters are trying to reach you, and make sure all avenues are covered.

Resource it properly. Burnout in the charity sector is scarily common. We’re often dealing with sensitive topics and difficult circumstances, and social media never sleeps. When you add looking after that on top of a full-time role, it’s no wonder it becomes too much to manage. Come up with a plan that ensures it’s not just one person’s responsibility and you have cover when it’s needed (not just when is convenient for you).

Have the fundamentals in place. Social media moderation will require more than one person to look after it. To have consistency you need: a clear tone of voice, defined preferred language, signpost guidance, agreed coloured branding and a defined rota so you know who is doing what.

Don’t be afraid to not have a presence on all social media platforms. Choose the ones that work best for you and you can manage effectively. It’s better to have fewer channels and ensure you’re catching everything than spreading yourself so thinly you can’t reply.

How to moderate well

Once you’ve got everything set up, you then need to moderate well. Sadly, it’s far too easy to find poor examples of moderation – often it’s not poor replies, but that individuals are ignored entirely. And that’s not what anyone in the third sector wants or strives for. So, how can you moderate well? The best advice to do anything well is to learn from experts.

All our moderation follows the same key principles:

Responsive – Our moderation covers seven days a week from 9 am and 9 pm, ensuring everything receives a prompt response within three hours, even during peak periods.

Human – We are committed to genuine interactions, steering clear of copy-and-paste replies wherever possible. Often we type as we’d talk, mirroring natural conversation to build relationships.

Thorough – We simplify and streamline the supporter experience by providing easy-to-digest solutions, and responding to every aspect of a query.

On brand – We ensure we’re fully informed as to what our charity partner’s preferences are so we can seamlessly reflect the right tone of voice, language preferences, charity hashtags and colours, staying true to the essence of your charity brand.

Appropriate – At Social AF we enjoy a good GIF, love asking questions and don’t shy away from using humour in replies, but it’s important responses match the tone and content of the query.
We believe if you adopt the above principles you’ll not only see an increase in positive engagement, but it will also improve your impact and results. If things still feel challenging, or you need any advice we’re always on hand for a chat and willing to help where we can.

We’re here to help!

Social AF is always willing to share our insights and recommendations. We offer free group health check for anyone looking for support specific to Facebook Challenges, and free space for anyone wanting to chat through any social media concerns or needs. Feel free to book some time in with us, and let’s help make your social media Social AF!

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