How Ad Moderation Improves Charity Credibility

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In the digital age, first impressions are made in milliseconds. And yet we often see charity ads void of any charity presence.

For Social AF, ad moderation should be seen as an essential part of charity communications. Beyond merely promoting campaigns or soliciting donations, ads often serve as an initial point of contact, and can therefore play a part in shaping perceptions and securing support.

Why ad moderation is essential

Picture this: a prospective supporter sees your ad for a new Facebook challenge. They’re intrigued and eager to learn more. Yet, amid the sea of comments, they encounter misinformation, unanswered queries, or worse, offensive content which has been left unchallenged. So they don’t sign up. Instead, they move on and decide to engage with the same challenge in aid of another charity.

Effective ad moderation isn’t just about dealing with negativity,  hiding complaints and protecting the integrity of your charity’s reputation. It is also about fostering meaningful engagement, building excitement and letting people know you’re genuinely grateful for their support. 

By promptly addressing queries and managing feedback, charities can mitigate potential risks and cultivate a positive online presence. And it’s only through paying attention to the comments and the themes that you’ll get a true sense of how your community feels about what you’re doing.

Beyond Metrics: The Human Touch

So often we’re driven by data, without looking at the bigger picture. Only recently we were moderating some Facebook challenge ads and recommended turning off the best-performing Ad. We know what you’re thinking, why would we recommend turning off the best-performing Ad? Well, it’s simple. The data behind the ad showed great levels of engagement, however, the interaction on the ad was not positive. The charity and the agency they were using for creatives agreed to try using some new language, but it quickly became apparent to us that these ads were going to be problematic. Many supporters (existing and potential) were offended by the language, some were confused and believed it was promoting a support group, and others wanted to argue or debate politics. This meant that although leads from the ad were high, the reputational risks were greater.   

And that’s the benefit of investing in genuine interaction with your supporters. Ad moderation allows you to put all the pieces of the puzzle together. 

By actively engaging with supporters and addressing concerns, charities not only bolster credibility but also show that they’re willing to invest in a supporter relationship. And that’s not forgetting, that effective moderation also helps ensure supporters are signposted to appropriate services too.

For charities, every interaction holds the potential to inspire generosity or secure support.
Ads can often be the first place for potential supporters to interact with your charity and they can often be a space where the general public asks questions about your work. Charities must have plans in place to moderate them.

Sold on moderating ads but not sure how? Here are our five top tips for great ad moderation:


Respond to as much as possible, even if it’s a thank you for your interest or thank you for spreading the word. Not only does it show you care, but it also pushes up engagement which can influence the algorithm to increase the visibility of your ad.

Manage the narrative

Don’t be afraid to hide or delete anything that’s not appropriate. Your ads are there to serve a specific purpose. It’s down to you to keep the conversation on topic.  

Be personable

This doesn’t need to be overly complicated. Often it’s as simple as including the name of the person who has posted in your reply, to show you are not a robot. It’s also worth always giving instructional, step-by-step solutions to problems raised rather than making any assumptions about what they may have already tried or what they might know. This can act as a handy FAQ for others looking for an answer to the same question.

Be on brand

Make sure your charity has chosen a heart in the colour of your branding that can be used to nicely react to things you may not want to comment on.

Reply promptly! 

Check your ads at least a few times a day (including evenings and weekends).

If your charity needs help with ad moderation, or any other social media support get in touch. We’d love to hear from you:

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